We are looking for pioneer teachers in the Philippines.

Get paid what you deserve as an online English teacher!

  • Earn >80 peso /25-minute slot
  • Home-based
  • Work from : 18:00 - 23:00
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why teach on Altoral?

Altoral has the best teachers in the Philippines. It makes sure that teachers get the pay they deserve. It gives chances to people to get paid through teaching English online, without taking much of their time and with the comfort of their homes.

What is Altoral’s difference from other schools?

You deserve more.
We believe that you are worth more than what you got with the time and effort you spent from other schools. Great teachers like you, are scarce resources. We have only the best of these resources that students  are willing to pay more for the services.

We don't charge costs from your pay. 
(Only except for the transfer fee of it)
  You get the whole amount that the student paid for each class.
Altoral makes the company operating costs at its lowest by using high technology.

You get reasonable shifts.
Chinese students' studying time is mainly from 18:00-24:00.
  Meanwhile, we believe that a reasonable schedule is a basic aspect to show respect to you, our teachers.
With this, our operations shall be open only until 23:00, and you may choose your own breaks with it.

How does Altoral work for teachers?

Altoral is an online school for Chinese students learning English. As a teacher, students can search for you, listen to your recorded introduction and check your profile on the students' website. Students will contact Altoral to book and schedule classes with you. Classes will be conducted through WeChat. Materials to be used in class will be provided by Altoral. You don't have to worry about marketing, scheduling, student management and payment because Altoral will handle all these things for you.

Since we believe that you are one of the best teachers, we only have a few job requirements for you:

What schedule will I have?

Your schedule will be as simple as working for 5 or less days a week from 6pm-11pm, with the choice of your own days off and breaks.

How do I get paid?

Since we want only what is convenient for our beloved teachers like you, we use BPI as a way for you to easily receive your pay.
You will receive your pay every 20th of the following month.